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Collamat® S 100

If higher speeds are demanded – Collamat® S 100 is your solution.

With its easy operation, unique modular design and compact size, Collamat® S 100 is designed to be used on faster lines – with speeds up to 100m/min. The powerful micro step motor drive allows for high precision labelling and the high resolution encoder ensures the best possible labelling accuracy on lines with variable speed.

The Collamat® S 100 high-speed labeller can operate in several modes – as a single labeller, in a Tandem (alternating with another Collamat® S 100 in order to increase the productivity, etc.) and in a Non-Stop mode, where both labellers are connected to one another and automatically change-over from one labeller to the other (in case of label-end, liner break, error, etc.)


Space-saving and Flexibility – The complete electronics is integrated in the body of the traction unit. The compact size of the labeler makes its integration into production lines very easy.

Reliability – With 80 % more labels on a 400 mm label roll compared to a 300 mm roll and the advanced “end of label” warning system, Collamat® S 100 needs less operator attention. Thanks to the very light and stable housing of cast aluminum, optimized by finite element method

Easy operation – Place the roll, thread the web and start labelling! No additional adjustments necessary

Self-teaching label scanner – The optical label scanner has a self-teaching function and continuously readjusts its settings to the environmental light, label transparency variations, etc. With the height and position adjustment of the scanner, thick labels like Piggyback,

Pocket labels, etc., can also be used.
Secure production – Saving up to 99 different labelling program