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The beginning

J-Pak started in the 70’s in the heart of Germiston South Africa, repairing and maintaining capital equipment in the manufacturing industry. The need did not just stop at the servicing of these machines, in order for these manufacturers to stay relevant, competitive, and in business, they needed to upgrade and remain relevant with the latest technology. Apart from the latest technology, they also needed a solution whereby their machines could be supported 24/7, a one stop shop, a reliable and reputable vendor who would be able to take care of all their production needs from understanding their unique needs to sourcing, installing and maintaining their equipment.
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J-Pak 4 decades later

J-Pak Pty (Ltd) is a proud B-BBEE Level 2 contributor
45 years later, J-Pak has become a leading service company that offers 24/7 support and the most reliable, robust and competitively priced equipment in the market. Our equipment is internationally sourced and our technicians are internationally trained, however, our support and service will always remain local and relevant. Within the last 24 months, J-Pak has evolved into a younger and more dynamic company, while still focusing on the original philosophy: to give exceptional service and supply quality product.
To meet our clients needs, we are continually updating and sourcing the latest technology whilst keeping within our field of expertise.
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